Daily Dose of Magic – Jim Cellini

Jim Cellini (1940-2009) is one of the magicians who busking magicians talk about in reverential terms in the same way close-up magicians discuss Dai Vernon. His two books are considered required reading for magicians who want to hit the streets. This footage is of him performing at the Taste of Cincinnati in 1993 and ends with him performing his Cups and Balls routine.

Cellini performing at the Taste of Cincinnati, 1993

One thought on “Daily Dose of Magic – Jim Cellini

  1. You mean like DAvid Blaine??? There is nothing you can buy. David Blaine has poewrs. He is not just a regular person. I mean, how cna someone take off a chicken’s head and put it back on again??? Exactly. Its not magic. Its just poewrs.

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