Daily Dose of Magic – Gazzo “Cups and Balls”

Gary ‘Gazzo’ Osbourne (www.gazzoshow.com) is probably the current King of Busking Magicians. From performing all over the world to getting kicked out of the Magic Castle for being too belligerent with the audience, he’s great to watch. Many street magicians have adopted his Cups and Balls routine, even going pretty much word for word with the patter. This was his appearance on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” and Penn’s compliment at the end was about the best honor they could bestow on him. Gazzo’s act on the street is over 24 minutes, but he shortened it up for the show (also, he doesn’t play around as much with the crowd as when he’s working the streets). This is, though, the best footage I know of of his act.

Gazzo – “Cups and Balls”

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