Daily Dose of Magic – Rocco Silano 2006 FISM Act

Rocco Silano (www.dlite.com/Roccos_%20Home%20Page.htm) is an American magician and, in addition to being an international award winner and popularizing D’Lites, is noted for his production effects. It’s not much of a secret that there’s something up his sleeve, but in his case, his acts push the sanity of the concept.

Rocco Silano 2006 FISM Act – Winner of “Most Original Act”

One thought on “Daily Dose of Magic – Rocco Silano 2006 FISM Act

  1. Impressive!
    I’m suprised he uses what I considered as a comedy fried egg in his sophisticated magic. I get laughs when I pull out the fried egg in my silly magic show. Rocco makes the egg work for him.

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