Daily Dose of Magic – Pop Haydn Explains Magnetized Water

If you keep even half an eye on the Daily Doses, you’ll see a bit of appreciation for Pop Haydn. The man is just a great entertainer. In a day where being a snake-oil salesman might not work as well, he’s definitely found another calling in pitching Magnetized Water. His full page for Magnetized Water is at http://www.pophaydn.com/magnetized-water.html with additional video demonstrations.

Pop Haydn Explains Magnetized Water

4 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Magic – Pop Haydn Explains Magnetized Water

    1. Whit, just knowing I showed up on your radar made mine! I could go gushing all fanboy, (and considering that I’m into this business we call magic that I’m showing I already gave up all sense of dignity) but I don’t know if I could heap any better praise on you than you’ve already received. I can only hope that when time and experience allow me to settle on a stage persona, I only land on being someone that impresses others as much as you do.

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