Daily Dose of Magic – Stephen Bargatze “Straight Jacket of Death”

I’m a bit remiss that I keep thinking I need to post this and then I find something else that might be a little more topical to what I’m working on at that time. Actually, considering that I had a box of escape tricks in my hands the IBM Ring 1 holiday party White Elephant Gift Exchange (before it was stolen and I ended up with a box containing a gross of used decks of casino playing cards), this is kinda topical for me. Stephen Bargatze (www.magicofstephen.com) is a prime example of one of those magician comedians who you never know what he’ll do. Internationally acclaimed, he also has done a bit of motivational speaking. In this video, he does a straight jacket escape with assistance of Dick Butkus. “This is for your pleasure.”

Stephen Bargatze “Straight Jacket of Death”

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