Daily Dose of Magic – Pop Haydn “The Amazing Miracle Oil”

At this point, I’m probably beginning to seem like a schill for Pop Haydn, a man who needs no assistance in such matters. It’s been a rough week in the day job, and Pop posted this in his latest blog post which is more into discussion about audiences staying connected to the Internet during performances (found here at http://pophaydn.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/should-the-live-audience-stay-connected-online). For me, though, new material from Pop Haydn is always a welcome sight. This video isn’t magic (it’s science!), but it really is always fun for me to watch him in action. If “you spent the last couple centuries in a coma” you probably needed some of this amazing curative. You can thank Pop and the Placebo Indians for making this all possible. I needed a laugh.

Pop Haydn “The Amazing Miracle Oil”

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