Daily Dose of Magic – Scotty York “Copper/ Silver Transposition”

At the IBM Ring 1 Holiday Party, we had a White Elephant gift exchange. In this exchange, I ended up with a box of a gross of used casino decks of cards, which at first glance really felt like the booby prize. Considering the card folds I want to learn, in addition to a particular trick by Roy Walton, I realized what I really ended up with was (after giving 60 decks away) 4536 chances to get these right. I wanted to post a video of bar magician Scotty “The Silver Fox” York’s (1937-2012) handling of this trick, but was unable to find it posted online (and didn’t want to be in copyright violation myself by posting it). I did find his handling of the Silver/Copper Transposition, though, which is another great demonstration of how well he could work a crowd. I do love a trick that is posed as a bar bet.

Scotty York “Copper/Silver Transposition”

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