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Daily Dose of Magic – Pop Haydn “The Amazing Miracle Oil”

At this point, I’m probably beginning to seem like a schill for Pop Haydn, a man who needs no assistance in such matters. It’s been a rough week in the day job, and Pop posted this in his latest blog post which is more into discussion about audiences staying connected to the Internet during performances (found here at For me, though, new material from Pop Haydn is always a welcome sight. This video isn’t magic (it’s science!), but it really is always fun for me to watch him in action. If “you spent the last couple centuries in a coma” you probably needed some of this amazing curative. You can thank Pop and the Placebo Indians for making this all possible. I needed a laugh.

Pop Haydn “The Amazing Miracle Oil”

Daily Dose of Magic – Bill Malone “Thinking Man’s Sponge Ball Routine!”

I’ll admit, I still love working with sponge balls in my act (such as it is). They’re fun. Plus, when I do my bit with them, it’s always with my grandfather in mind. Certain things in my routine are done with important people to me in mind, and it’s always with my grandfather in mind because the sponge balls are fun and make people smile, kinda like the kindest person I know. Bill Malone’s ( routine has that playfulness that I love about the sponge balls and his delivery makes me smile, if not laugh, every time I watch it.

Bill Malone “Thinking Man’s Sponge Ball Routine!”

Daily Dose of Magic – Stephen Bargatze “Straight Jacket of Death”

I’m a bit remiss that I keep thinking I need to post this and then I find something else that might be a little more topical to what I’m working on at that time. Actually, considering that I had a box of escape tricks in my hands the IBM Ring 1 holiday party White Elephant Gift Exchange (before it was stolen and I ended up with a box containing a gross of used decks of casino playing cards), this is kinda topical for me. Stephen Bargatze ( is a prime example of one of those magician comedians who you never know what he’ll do. Internationally acclaimed, he also has done a bit of motivational speaking. In this video, he does a straight jacket escape with assistance of Dick Butkus. “This is for your pleasure.”

Stephen Bargatze “Straight Jacket of Death”

Daily Dose of Magic – Pop Haydn “Shell Game”

I’ve been away for the last few days due to an emergency issue I’ve been dealing with in my day job. Pop posted this last week, and it’s his version of the Shell Game from his recent performance at the W.C. Fields Bar at the Magic Castle. If he’s telling the truth about being a preacher’s kid, that explains so much. He originally posted it on his blog at Let’s just say, Pop is one of my many inspirations to become more proficient in magic as I sometimes am in IT.

Pop Haydn “Shell Game”

Daily Dose of Magic – John Archer Fools Penn & Teller

Award winning John Archer ( is brilliant when it comes to magic combined with comic timing. In this piece, he fools Penn & Teller (he was the first one on their show to do this) with a piece of mentalism. Bonus to a great act is Penn looking flustered.

John Archer Fools Penn & Teller

Daily Dose of Magic – Harry Monti “The Linking Rings”

I make no secret that Harry Monti is my personal hero when it comes to magic, but I found a while back that there wasn’t any footage floating around of him and any of his acts. I probably could have asked him to show me footage out of his personal files, but never have. A few months ago, he gave a demonstration at the former Prestige Magic Shoppe and it was filmed. I didn’t realize this until yesterday, so that footage now becomes today’s Daily Dose. On an additional note, Harry just got back recently from performing at the Magic Castle ( for his 50th year running. He’s the only magician who has performed there every year since it opened in 1963.

Harry Monti “The Linking Rings”

Daily Dose of Magic – Channing Pollack

Last night, Harry Monti related a number of stories from this year’s History of Magic conference. He showed me a number of photos he took of a collection of Channing Pollack’s (1926-2006) props. That brings us to today’s Daily Dose, which is taken from the 1959 movie, “European Nights.” Pollack was an example of the classic magician, with style and class. “Sophisticated” and “charismatic” are two words I find that are used when describing Pollack, and I can only agree.

Channing Pollack in “European Nights”