Daily Dose of Magic – Dick Stoner “King Monte”

My inlaws live in Fort Wayne, IN, home of Stoner’s Funstore (stoners.com), owned by magician Dick Stoner (dickstoner.com) and his wife, De. Knowing full well that one of the gifts I would get for Christmas was a gift certificate to Stoner’s, I had a list in mind of what I might walk out of the shop with on our visit, but more importantly, I looked forward to meeting another outstanding magician. Dick was a regular on the Statler Brothers’ television show and on the Nashville Network and was great to talk to. My favorite trick being the Chinese Linking Rings, I loved having him show me his routine in person and watching videos with him of some of his past performances. As rights to most of his performances are held by the networks involved, what can mainly be found online are the videos he shot demonstrating many of the tricks he sells in his shop, so you lose out in the audience reaction (the televised performances can be found on his two DVDs he has out, though). This, though, is one of the tricks that was at the top of my list, and if I get this routine as smooth as Dick, I will consider it a point of pride in my development. What was a bonus in getting the trick was Dick printing out a copy of his routine to use. This is not a routine I’ll use busking, but it will be great to use in stage and parlor performances.

Dick Stoner “King Monte”

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