Daily Dose of Magic – Alex Elmsley “Colour-Changing Faro Shuffle”

Scottish magician Alex Elmsley (1929-2006) was one of the modern greats. His delivery was beautiful in its mastery and if you have the chance to view any of his instructional videos, you will see something even more brilliant. I say this because I’ve watched some of his videos (in this case, “The Magic of Alex Elmsley: The Tahoe Sessions”) at work (during a lunch break, mind you) with headphones on, and while I got everything from his instructions, my co-worker could watch over my shoulder and still, with no sound, not get what Elmsley was doing. Just. Brilliant. A move that Elmsley developed, originally called the Ghost Count, was renamed the Elmsley Count in honor of the man, and it’s a staple in many, if not most, magician’s arsenal today.

Alex Elmsley “Colour-Changing Faro Shuffle”

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