Daily Dose of Magic – Boris Wild “The Kiss Act”

I had posted this on Facebook before I started this blog, but oddly enough, Boris Wild’s (www.boriswild.com) “The Butterfly Act,” was my first Daily Dose post (jasonstackmagician.com/?p=37). “The Butterfly Act” is a small vignette that depicts loss, albeit in a beautiful way, but “The Kiss Act,” which Boris won a FISM award for in Close-Up magic, depicts love in its earliest stages. Currently, one of my mentors in life is struggling in an ICU, and I’ve been to sit with him and his wife, another of my mentors and a second mother to me. The two of them have been models to me of a beautiful relationship and marriage, and after 30 years of being married, even though their love has always been deep, it has always seemed to be constantly renewing, which brought this to mind for tonight’s post. The act is to George Michael’s cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go” and is about new love. Doc and Lex, my deepest love and thanks to you for all you’ve shown and brought into my life.

Boris Wild “The Kiss Act”

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