Daily Dose of Magic – Paul Daniels “Multiplying Balls”

Since I got back into doing magic, one of the routines that has constantly been on my mind has been The Multiplying Balls. To get used to ball manipulation, I’ve collected balls from sporting goods stores, toy stores, and dollar stores trying to find good balls to at least learn basic manipulations with. I finally got a multiplying balls set with the original thought of just using them for practicing manipulations, but found myself being sucked further into Multiplying Balls routines. I’m not one for doing silent acts, so finding Paul Daniels’ act is kind of an inspiration just seeing what a talking routine can be like. It’s not the script I would use, because, like doing any of the classics, I want to do my own. His routine is perfect, though, and proof that this does not need to be a silent routine. Enjoy!

Paul Daniels “Multiplying Balls”

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