Daily Dose of Magic – Jimmy Talksalot at Seaport Village, San Diego, CA

I’ve been remiss by not posting anything by Jimmy Talksalot (jimmytalksalot.blogspot.com), and the reason why he has been important and influential to me and my performance is his blog (located at the above address) was what inspired me to try my hand at street performance in the first place. Because of what Jimmy has posted online, I’ve seen and read quite a bit about performing magic on the streets. Once again, not the David Blaine “Do you want to see a trick,” but getting a crowd, keeping them, and (the hardest part) hatting the crowd after giving them a show. Even my final trick that I had performed for my show last years was inspired from Jimmy after seeing how Jimmy gets a good reaction (although my Ropes Through the Neck is not quite his bit). Jimmy turned me on to Jim Cellini, who is the godfather of contemporary street magicians, held in the same esteem as other magicians hold Dai Vernon. I hope to cross paths with Jimmy someday and give him my thanks personally.

Jimmy Talksalot at Seaport Village pt 1

Jimmy Talksalot at Seaport Village pt 2

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