Daily Dose of Magic – Richard Turner “The Cheat Double Signed Card Routine”

Richard Turner (richardturner52.com) is a wonder when it comes to card cheats and manipulations. At the top of his class, it’s even more impressive when you consider he’s been blind since he had scarlet fever at age nine. In addition to being one of the world’s foremost card sharps and card magicians, Master Turner earned the ranking of Sixth Degree Black Belt in the Wa Do Kai karate, which just further demonstrates how amazing he is. A documentary is in the works about Richard called “Dealt,” and information about it can be found on his website and at http://dealtmovie.com. This video demonstration was shot with his wife, Kim, and his son, Asa, assisting him and I found it on Asa’s YouTube channel.

Richard Turner “The Cheat Double Signed Card Routine”

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