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Daily Dose of Magic – Losander Levitations

Losander LevitationsI’ve mentioned the bubble routine I’m trying to work on for my opener, and Losander (www.losandermagic.com) is where I started thinking about it. Admittedly, where Losander’s act, while playful, is beautiful and magical, I’m aiming more for the playful, yet magical side. Play until I have their attention, and then do some levitation work. Losander, though, is a master of making what looks like real magic.

Losander Levitations

Daily Dose of Magic – Burl the Bubble Guy

Currently, I’m working on a bubble routine to start opening my act with. In all honesty, I want to create enough of a spectacle that people stop and start watching so that the opening sequence is a bally in itself to start creating crowd interest. I came across this routine, which is magic, but is just plain fun to watch by Darren Burrell, better known as Burl the Bubble Guy (www.burlthebubbleguy.com). His routine here has given me some ideas to think about. Even though this is not a magic act, for some ideas here to lead into some of the bubble magic leave some room for serious consideration.

Burl the Bubble Guy

Daily Dose of Magic – Finn Jon French Television Appearance

Norwegian magician, Finn Johan Hauger, better known as Finn Jon, is the subject of today’s clip. Finn Jon is legendary in the magic community and is considered the father of modern levitation magic, inspiring magicians such as Losander. This act is as playful as it is beautiful and features one of my favorite routines of his, the Dancing Tie.

Finn Jon French Television Appearance

Daily Dose of Magic – Mirko Callaci 2003 FISM Act

I started looking for routines with bubbles to get ideas for my busking act and came across this outstanding work of magic and manipulation. Argentinian magician Mirko Callaci (mirkomagic.com) won a FISM award at the 2003 Den Haag XXII World Championships in the category of General Magic, and it is just stunning in it’s routining. Mirko now has a must-see act in Shanghai, and after seeing this, man, it gives me even more of a reason to want to make a trip there.

Mirko Callaci 2003 FISM Act