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Daily Dose of Magic – Losander Levitations

Losander LevitationsI’ve mentioned the bubble routine I’m trying to work on for my opener, and Losander (www.losandermagic.com) is where I started thinking about it. Admittedly, where Losander’s act, while playful, is beautiful and magical, I’m aiming more for the playful, yet magical side. Play until I have their attention, and then do some levitation work. Losander, though, is a master of making what looks like real magic.

Losander Levitations

Daily Dose of Magic – Finn Jon French Television Appearance

Norwegian magician, Finn Johan Hauger, better known as Finn Jon, is the subject of today’s clip. Finn Jon is legendary in the magic community and is considered the father of modern levitation magic, inspiring magicians such as Losander. This act is as playful as it is beautiful and features one of my favorite routines of his, the Dancing Tie.

Finn Jon French Television Appearance

Daily Dose of Magic – Paul Daniels Levitation Trick

Once again visiting the mind of master magician Paul Daniels, we have one of the coolest levitation tricks to come along in a while. While many levitation acts have a lot of flash, this trick is propelled as much by Paul’s personality as illusion. I’m pretty sure if I had seen this one as a kid, I probably would have landed myself in the hospital while trying to reproduce it myself.

Paul Daniels Levitation Trick

Daily Dose of Magic – Viktor Voitko “Flying Linking Rings”

Ukrainian magician Viktor Voitko (www.magic-voitko.com) is an international award winner. His “Flying Linking Rings” routine won him a FISM in 1994. Beautiful presentation combining levitation and ring manipulation. When watching Linking Ring routines, I’m usually pulling the pieces apart of the routine in my mind, but this is one of those instances that I just have to sit back and enjoy the magic.

Viktor Voitko “Flying Linking Rings”

Daily Dose of Magic – Lance Burton Dove and Candle Magic

Lance Burton (www.lanceburton.com) has retired from performing on the Vegas stage, but he’s still very active in the magic community. Lance is also one of the three Americans to have a FISM Grand Prix win to his name. From the stories I’ve heard, he’s as nice a guy as you’ll find in entertainment. This is from 1990 at the Magic Castle.

Lance Burton Dove and Candle Magic

Daily Dose of Magic – Losander

When it comes to levitation acts, there are few, if any, today that can match Losander (http://www.losandermagic.com). There are quite a few magicians who have used his props and act, but none seem to preform them as naturally and beautifully as Losander. I’ve heard more than one magician comment that watching Losander is like watching real magic. This is certainly not a new clip, but it is such a statement on what real magic can could look like.