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Daily Dose of Magic – Losander Levitations

Losander LevitationsI’ve mentioned the bubble routine I’m trying to work on for my opener, and Losander (www.losandermagic.com) is where I started thinking about it. Admittedly, where Losander’s act, while playful, is beautiful and magical, I’m aiming more for the playful, yet magical side. Play until I have their attention, and then do some levitation work. Losander, though, is a master of making what looks like real magic.

Losander Levitations

Daily Dose of Magic – Losander

When it comes to levitation acts, there are few, if any, today that can match Losander (http://www.losandermagic.com). There are quite a few magicians who have used his props and act, but none seem to preform them as naturally and beautifully as Losander. I’ve heard more than one magician comment that watching Losander is like watching real magic. This is certainly not a new clip, but it is such a statement on what real magic can could look like.