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Daily Dose of Magic – Jeff McBride “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

I’ve been working on my close-up magic, lately, and one of the set of DVDs I’ve been using, in addition to a number of books, is Jeff McBride’s (www.mcbridemagic.com)”World Class Manipulation,” which covers coins, balls, and thimbles. Now, when it comes to the plot-line of The Miser’s Dream, my personal favorite is Al Flosso’s, which I posted a while back (Daily Dose of Magic – Al Flosso). Jeff’s take is fun, and what I like about this is the interplay in this silent routine between Jeff and at first the audience, then the boy.

Jeff McBride “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

Daily Dose of Magic – Aldo Colombini “Three Ring Concerto”

A couple of days ago, I read a post about Aldo Colombini (www.wildcolombini.com) suffering a catastrophic stroke, and today he passed from us. I never got a chance to meet the man, but he was on the list of magicians who I respect and hope to meet some day. I’ve watched a good number of his performances and have one of his books, and his charm and ingenuity left him in a league of his own. My condolences to his wife and family. Today’s Dose is one of his Ring routines, and even though it is silent, his wit and humor is still strongly conveyed in this beautiful piece. RIP, Aldo.

Aldo Colombini “Three Rings Concerto”

Daily Dose of Magic – Paul Daniels “Multiplying Balls”

Since I got back into doing magic, one of the routines that has constantly been on my mind has been The Multiplying Balls. To get used to ball manipulation, I’ve collected balls from sporting goods stores, toy stores, and dollar stores trying to find good balls to at least learn basic manipulations with. I finally got a multiplying balls set with the original thought of just using them for practicing manipulations, but found myself being sucked further into Multiplying Balls routines. I’m not one for doing silent acts, so finding Paul Daniels’ act is kind of an inspiration just seeing what a talking routine can be like. It’s not the script I would use, because, like doing any of the classics, I want to do my own. His routine is perfect, though, and proof that this does not need to be a silent routine. Enjoy!

Paul Daniels “Multiplying Balls”

Daily Dose of Magic – Chris Capehart “The Linking Rings”

Once again, it’s time to go back to the guys who perfected their routines by working on the streets, and award-winning Chris Capehart (www.capehartsmagic.com) is a prime example of that group (I can only marginally consider myself part of that group, but it’s a goal). One of the things I love about Chris is the fact that one of his signature routines is his Three Ring Routine. His skill and handling is perfect and leaves its mark as one of the ring routines that must be seen.

Chris Capehart “The Linking Rings”

Daily Dose of Magic – Boris Wild “The Kiss Act”

I had posted this on Facebook before I started this blog, but oddly enough, Boris Wild’s (www.boriswild.com) “The Butterfly Act,” was my first Daily Dose post (jasonstackmagician.com/?p=37). “The Butterfly Act” is a small vignette that depicts loss, albeit in a beautiful way, but “The Kiss Act,” which Boris won a FISM award for in Close-Up magic, depicts love in its earliest stages. Currently, one of my mentors in life is struggling in an ICU, and I’ve been to sit with him and his wife, another of my mentors and a second mother to me. The two of them have been models to me of a beautiful relationship and marriage, and after 30 years of being married, even though their love has always been deep, it has always seemed to be constantly renewing, which brought this to mind for tonight’s post. The act is to George Michael’s cover of Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go” and is about new love. Doc and Lex, my deepest love and thanks to you for all you’ve shown and brought into my life.

Boris Wild “The Kiss Act”

Daily Dose of Magic – Richard Ross “Théâtre de l’Empire Paris April 1982”

Richard Ross (1946 – 2001) was an amazing talent and two-time FISM award winner. In the magic community, his Linking Ring routine (also in this video) is considered one of the most beautiful presentations of the rings. This video also includes Richard’s other signature effect, The Multiplying Watches, and is a study in the artistry that he applied to his magic.

Richard Ross “Théâtre de l’Empire Paris April 1982”

Daily Dose of Magic – Shawn Farquhar “Shape of My Heart”

I’ve mentioned Shawn Farquhar (www.magichampion.com) a few times before in this blog, but I just realized, even though I may have posted links to some of his routines on Facebook, I haven’t had any of his performances as a Daily Dose. This is one of his signature pieces, “Shape of My Heart,” and it is one of my favorite card magic performances. He used it as the finale to his performance at the 2013 IBM Ring 1 President’s Banquet, and it was a perfect closer to the show.

Shawn Farquhar “Shape of My Heart”

Daily Dose of Magic – Bill Malone “Thinking Man’s Sponge Ball Routine!”

I’ll admit, I still love working with sponge balls in my act (such as it is). They’re fun. Plus, when I do my bit with them, it’s always with my grandfather in mind. Certain things in my routine are done with important people to me in mind, and it’s always with my grandfather in mind because the sponge balls are fun and make people smile, kinda like the kindest person I know. Bill Malone’s (www.billmalonemagic.com) routine has that playfulness that I love about the sponge balls and his delivery makes me smile, if not laugh, every time I watch it.

Bill Malone “Thinking Man’s Sponge Ball Routine!”

Daily Dose of Magic – Pop Haydn “Shell Game”

I’ve been away for the last few days due to an emergency issue I’ve been dealing with in my day job. Pop posted this last week, and it’s his version of the Shell Game from his recent performance at the W.C. Fields Bar at the Magic Castle. If he’s telling the truth about being a preacher’s kid, that explains so much. He originally posted it on his blog at pophaydn.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/shell-game-in-the-w-c-fields-bar. Let’s just say, Pop is one of my many inspirations to become more proficient in magic as I sometimes am in IT.

Pop Haydn “Shell Game”